Crime Upheaval

by Boddicker

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  • Crime Upheaval
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Recorded by Carl Byers at Phil Spector's mansion. Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound. Cover art by Joshua Brettel.


released June 12, 2014


all rights reserved



Boddicker Indianapolis, Indiana


Criminal quartet comin' str8 fo' ya $$$

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Track Name: Crime Upheaval
hidden hand of violence holds a full deck
antiquated alliances
flesh carved vertical
scar pageantry
mothers abandon children
husbands curse their wives
over worked disenfranchised employee snorts the remains of their bosses
broken hands reach to the sky
freedom at last
Track Name: Rise Of The Downtrodden
farewell matrix architects
goodbye new american century's project
we are but swine to our conquerors
they watch above euphorically
to our slow motion suicide
like a teen discovering free internet porn
reject complaceny
rebel normalcy
demolish all
austerity at it's finest
rise of the downtrodden
Track Name: Halo Of Bullets
put doomsday in the oven
nurtured by boar
all clients egregious
a millennia
listen to the sky
suck plasma from soil
perpetuate insoluble conflicts
halo of bullets
slept through gunfire
twilight of pain
Track Name: Bath Salt Baptism
every second chance ruined at least a dozen times
redemption in the form of accepting a new mind
surroundings ravaged by third eye
broken but not lost
nectar milked from cactus
desert holes everywhere just like the buckshot wounds
fucker had it coming
some things never change
Track Name: Vigilante
vehicles burn
gunfire at every turn
inhaling joints laced with sulfur
infatuated with towering corpses of past power
money shot millennium
cry like you mean it
transform society one bullet at a time
drone you out
Track Name: Executive Decision
no hits
all errors
learn nothing as tactics change
saccharine crush on genocide
reeks of affluent halitosis
procreate for the sole purpose to destroy
live for nothing
die for everything
the father who bathes in hegemony disavows the boy of glass
alone where streets are adorned in bones and ash
distress call ignored and mocked
you'll never learn
i'll never see
hatred followed like skunk in the misery sinkhole
Track Name: The Isolationist
backs will break
heir apparent to a crown of disappointment
what could've been?
hard to say
every dream died
worship the salient pleas of sympathy
weakness never looked so appalling
Track Name: Drygulch
backpedaling cowards smile to your face
piss on your back
insecurity blanket to nap on
pristine violence
sordid peace
i aspire to be the villain
live to be hated more in death than in life
here's no peace
mother's milk was never good
Track Name: Social Control
eulogy of privacy
pervasive eye fucker
cult of virtual reality
manufactured violence
the sun but a relic of the past
acceptance of the peeping tom apparatus
wish i could check my privilege
Track Name: We Are Watching You
handcuff the king
angry tangle of barbed wire and sandbags
witnesses weep in front of makeshift shrines and wilted flowers
once vivid dreams and earnest ambition
lie hanging disemboweled from over sexed priests
exalted expectations
trust no one
use once and create
we ware watching you
from afar yet tangible
we are watching you
Track Name: Energy Blackmail
nothing left inside
but a pyramid of broken beer bottles and infected needles
lord of the moths
kingdom of vengeful self-importance
cuntsituitional whipping boy
godless we wade
equality for the erudite
the idealists shall serve from the scabs of purity
it's all downhill past the charming cold sores
to be swallowed by eyes
sleep beggar
energy blackmail
hogs get slaughtered

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